A dear old friend of mine, I’ve known Gerrixx since 1990 when we met through mutual friends and spent many Saturdays dancing the night away at the long forgotten Club Post Nuclear in Laguna Canyon, CA. While most of us kids have had to stop dying our hair crazy colors, put on a suit and carefully cover any tattoos as we transitioned into adulthood, Gerrixx has successfully become the Peter Pan of our tribe.

A talented graphic artist, Gerrixx is a well-known underground cult artist that has been creating posters, flyers, stickers, clothing and accessories for raves, eBay and other various clients.




Highlighted in this article are his Star Wars inspired t-shirts, however Gerrixx has a variety of different themes and designs all somewhat industrial and techno themed.




I applaud Gerrixx in his spectacular designs and ability to live his dream successfully for all of these years. May his future continue to be prosperous and inspiring.

To see additional photos or if you would like to reach out to Gerrixx to contract his services, you can follow him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/gerrixx.ovvarc.