Have I mentioned how much I effing love this show? This week The Unsealed File, which airs in syndication on KTLA channel 5 in the LA metro region, covered the top 10 alien plots for the human race. Some of these are out of this world crazy and others hit a little too close to home. I’m not sure what the criteria is for the order they chose, whether it was by most far-fetched, most popular, most bizarre … I really have no idea how this list was constructed. But here goes:


10. Alien Moon Base

Ufologists believe that NASA has captured photos of an alien established a base and other structures on the dark side of the moon. A quick Google search reveals several recent articles claiming NASA has photoshopped images to remove the structures. The theory here is that when the US sent astronauts to the moon it was a giant step for mankind in the sense that we were there to establish relations with the aliens already stationed there.


9. Alien – Human Hybrids

This theory centers around the belief that there are three types of aliens that we know of, one being the sinister Grays. It is presumed that the Grays are no longer able to reproduce and therefore need our help whether willingly or not. Those that believe they were abducted have tales of observing bizarre reproductive experiments.


8. Underwater Extraterrestrials

This one hits close to home for me. A couple of years back there was a strange trail in the sky off the coast of Santa Monica. Initial news reports were at a loss for the cause and we were all waiting for JPL to take credit for launching a missile test. But they never did. Instead, we were told it was a mist trail from a plane. Given that I’ve spent all but three of my 39 years on this planet living in the LA metro and Orange County areas I have to say I’ve never seen a plane do anything like that before. And there are at least four airports nearby that are right on the coast. I have seen rocket launches that looked like it.

The Unsealed Files showed footage of something being launched directly out of the ocean and claimed there are three large cement structures underneath the Pacific between Catalina and the San Pedro / Pallos Verdes area. Apparently there is a Los Angeles triangle (similar to the Bermuda triangle) where the majority of UFO sightings occur in Southern California. My money’s on secret government testing for this one. After all we have JPL, Edwards AFB, Camp Pendleton and 29 Palms all close by.

Missile California


7. Alien Bio-warfare

This theory is that aliens are strike us with non-terrestrial biological agents. Two examples cited include:

  1. Red rain in Kerala, India allegedly caused by a passing meteor that entered our atmosphere. The rain contained cells not of Earth origin.
  2. Villagers in Peru becoming ill after a meteorite crashed nearby.


 6. Aliens vs. Nuclear Weapons

Are aliens attempting to stop us from destroying the planet with nukes? The stories here seem totally out of this world. Examples included reports of a silver orb shooting beams of light into the warhead of a launched missile and an object hovering over Malmstrom AFB that shut down 10 Minuteman nuclear missiles.


5. The Alien-Human Pact

Ufologists believe that President Eisenhower had at least three secret meetings at Holloman AFB with alien leaders from other worlds for the purpose of forming a treaty.


This treaty allowed for the Americans to benefit from advanced alien technology and the aliens to benefit from human DNA to upgrade the genetics of their species.

The treaty permitted the aliens to abduct American citizens for limited vivisection so long as they were replaced unharmed with no memory of the ordeal.

The treaty also allowed for the aliens to operate in underground bases on American territory and for the Americans to utilise the alien craft and technology to build bases on the moon and Mars. – by David Ash


4. The Reptilian Threat

I think of all the plots, for me this was the craziest. This is the belief that there is an underground cult of reptilian humanoids that disguise themselves as humans and seek out power positions such as celebrities and world leaders. George W. Bush and Queen Elizabeth II have both been accused of being reptilians.


3. Gods of the Ancient World

In this theory, Ufologists point to oddly shaped remains of ancient leaders. Specifically, they point to King Akhenaten whose remains included an unusually elongated skull, tall lanky frame and very long fingers (very different from every else of his time and place). Additionally, hieroglyphs indicate knowledge of advanced technology and even UFOs. Take a look at this and tell me what you think in the comments.



2. Alien Implants

For the purpose of controlling mankind, apparently aliens are implanting pieces of meteor rock inside humans. Dr. Roger Leir was interviewed as the premier surgeon specializing in the removal of alien implants. He claimed that the implants have been analyzed in a lab and are not of this Earth. He stated that his patients all described a similarly chilling feeling of euphoric freedom when the implants were in their bodies.


1. Aliens and the Nazis

And finally, for the mother of all alien plots, did the Nazis leverage alien technology? Pilots from both sides of the war reported seeing balls of light flying with them. These objects were named Foo Fighters. The belief is that Hitler’s scientists salvaged technology from downed alien spacecraft to develop super weapons. However, if Hitler did have such advanced technology, I think it highly unlikely that Germany would not have won the war. And as we all know, they lost. So I think we can safely assume, it either didn’t exist, he didn’t have it or he didn’t know what to do with it.



Anyhow, I hope you all enjoyed this week’s recap of The Unsealed Files. 🙂