Read along as this Star Wars noobie live tweets her first experience with the Original Trilogy.

As life long fans of the greatest saga ever told, we’re hooked the moment we experience Star Wars for the first time. It’s to the point where it’s almost inconceivable to find out that there are people out there who have never seen any installments of either trilogies. Blasphemous even. But the truth is, those people do exist and as rare an ocurrance as it may seem, it’s really not that crazy when you take off your fanboy/girl hat for a moment.

Nevertheless when we do come across such an individual, it’s great to be the one to experience it with them, comical even. But unlike some sort of Force ghosts patrolling the galaxy, looking for any unsuspecting noob willing to give up their Star Wars innocence to the creepy geek in home made Jedi robes, we can’t be there every time. But thanks to our social media obsessed culture, we have the “live tweet”.

Meet @gaileyfrey, someone who graciously invited us to bear witness as she was introduced to a new world of capes, space lounge monsters, whiny kids who need haircuts that forget the meaning of family and of course, tiny little murder bears.

Read this and take it for what it is with a sense of humor and without going into super fan mode. If you can resist tearing your hair out at the way she reduces it, you’ll see just how funny (and at times accurate) the whole thing is… “from a certain point of view”.

Each movie in this Original Trilogy live tweet session is separated. When you scroll through each session you can “read next page” to open up the rest of the stream.


Space Voldemort vs Whiny Space Criminals 4: A New Hope

Space Voldemort vs Whiny Space Criminals 5: The Empire Strikes Back (finally)

Space Voldemort vs Whiny Space Criminals 6: Luke is Disappointing