What started as a silly gag, Lex Houser and Andi Cross of Bad Kids Clothing (BKC) designed a custom tank for a pal to wear to a Taylor Swift concert. The shirt featured last names of men that allegedly dated Taylor Swift. When a picture of the “offensive” shirt surfaced online, Swifties (her fans) were so outraged that they sent death threats to the company.






Names include: Jonas, Till, Lautner, Mayer, Gyllenhaal, Redmayne, Efron, Kennedy and Styles. The first edition of the tank also included Glee star Cory Monteith, however his name was removed due to his tragic death over the weekend.


Given the controversial nature of the shirt and massive negative reaction, BKC has of course put the shirts into mass production. Buy your’s today for only $19.99.