It’s 2013 for crying out loud! Where’s my jet pack, hover car and time travel chamber?! Some of these things we know exist but are not exactly accessible to the everyday consumer. Others only exist in science fiction, or do they? According to The Unsealed Files, time travel may be out there and may have been in use as far back as ancient Egypt.

As mentioned in my recap of last week’s episode, ancient hieroglyphics depict inventions far in the future. How did they know what a helicopter would look like? Why did they carve images seemingly of flying saucers? One explanation was exposure to aliens (as is the favorite explanation of the show), however another was time travel. Did ancient Egyptians get a glimpse of the future using time travel technology?



Hipster at 1941 Bridge Opening

The below photo was taken in 1941 at a bridge opening. The photo has not been altered and has been the subject of much debate. One man appears to have a haircut that is not consistent with the style of the era. He appears to be wearing a silk screen shirt decades before the process was invented. And he appears to be holding a compact camera that is also decades ahead of the photographic technology for that day and age.



The main fear in time travel is the butterfly effect. That if someone was to go back and do something as benign as step on an ant, it could forever alter evolution and perhaps if interrupt the existence of humans. Despite the risks, The Unsealed Files shared with us some examples of speculated time travel events that may have impacted our lives but most certainly did not end the human race.


Die Glocke, The Nazi Bell Time Travel Machine

It is believed that the Nazis while exploring every possible way to advance their technological genius spent a lot of time, money and the lives of their scientists to develop the Nazi Bell time travel machine, Die Glocke. Approximately 9 feet wide and 10  to 15 feet tall, this imposing metal bell shaped structure contained two counter-rotating cylinders that were filled with liquid metal (a mercury-like substance) called Xerum 525. When operating, the machine generated strong radiation. Despite losing the lives several scientists, Hitler persisted in the project which leads to speculation that he felt he was on to something big.


Die Glock


Die Glocke mysteriously disappeared at the end of World War II and reportedly reappear 20 years later in 1965 Kecksburg, PA falling from the sky in a controlled landing. The US Army arrived quickly on the scene to collect the device and hush the local witnesses.


Sculpture of Kecksburg UFO


Secret US Time Traveler Program

Finally, the program also introduced us to a secret government program that allegedly recruited children to time travel throughout their lives. One such participant in the program was Andrew Basiago who claims he was in attendance at the Gettysburg Address.

201004161615 andrew_basiago_age_5



Well, if it does exist that would be awesome. I mean think of the possible vacations you could take with something like that! And realistically, I don’t see why anyone would really want to change anything given it could potentially prevent them from ever being born at all.


Where would you go if you had a time machine? Tell me in the comments below.