The second half hour of The Unsealed Files that aired in syndication on KTLA channel 5 Los Angeles this last Saturday night centered on remote viewing. Otherwise known as clairvoyance, ESP, out-of-body experiences and astral projection, remote viewing is the ability to tap into a network of all existing information and visualize another location remotely. Featured on the show were leaders and experts in the field that worked directly for the U.S. programs Scannate, Stargate and Psy Ops.



In the 1970s the U.S. learned that Russia was investing millions of dollars into the study of this branch of paranormal and, most importantly, was realizing meaningful benefits through the program. Not to be trumped by the Russians during the Cold War, the U.S. decided to invest roughly $50k into an exploratory study conducted at Stanford Research Insititute. Ingo Swann, a talented remote viewing, was the first test subject in phase one.  The study was initially conducted by hiding objects in boxes and envelops (think Bill Murray in Ghostbusters). Ingo very quickly asked why his skills were being trivialized with tests such as these and instead proposed to test what he called coordinate remote viewing. Give him any coordinates, longitude and latitude, and he would describe what he saw. The results were very good, 85% accuracy.

As I’m sure you can see, there are all kinds of serious implications to the government having a staff of people with this ability. Peer into a nuclear facility in North Korea or Iran for one. View the inner workings of an Al Queda training camp. Spy on your next door neighbor. Well you get the picture.



With the success of the program more money was invested and more remote viewers were added; 22 were providing data at one point. They all had one common characteristic. Every remote viewer claimed to have had some level of contact with extraterrestrials at some point in their lives. Some notable viewings that took place included the following:

  • Jupiter Rings – On April 27, 1973, Ingo Swann was asked to remotely view Jupitor in advance of a Voyager probe mission. He described rings around Jupiter and was dismissed as having viewed Saturn instead. When the Voyager arrived 1979, pictures sent back confirmed Ingo’s recall that Jupiter did in fact have thin rings that were not visible through our telescopes.



  • Ancient Mars Base – Remote viewers were given coordinates to view a location in space. They were not told it what it was or that it was on Mars. All of the viewers described an ancient base with underground tunnels and a laboratory that was active with humanoids.


mars base


Oddly after investing millions of dollars into Stargate in 1993, the program was dismantled in 1995. Unsealed Files speculated that perhaps it has gone underground since it had already garnered so much public notoriety.


Psy Ops

Remote viewing as a private commercial enterprise has emerged in place of the government funded program. With the ability to remote view locations on Earth, in space and potentially in the human mind, there are all sorts of scary applications for the practice. Talk about Big Brother. Controlling elections, controlling the stock market and global economy, controlling our minds.


Queue Twilight Zone theme. The show ended with a chilling thought. Who’s watching whom? If all of the remote viewers claim to have had an alien encounter, is remote viewing being used against us by another species of life form?