Take Me To Your Leader

This week’s Unsealed Alien Files treated us to a long history of presidential alien encounters dating back to George Washington. We learned that not only have presidents seen unidentified flying objects but may also have gone so far as to meet with extraterrestrial beings and brought concerns of an alien threat to the UN.


1866 lithograth of George Washington as a Free Mason with what appears to be a UFO drawn in the background.


Our story began with George Washington leading a rag tag regiment through the Valley Forge leaving a trail of blood in the snow. He was demoralized and left into the woods to pray. It was at this point that reportedly an other worldly being approach George and showed him a map of the United States. Only this map showed the future. Drops of water fell on the map, each droplet revealing a city that was destined to exist in future America.

Later still, Mr Washington was once again visited by green humanoid figures that appeared to be jumping out of a glowing orb. He attributed the sighting to some sort of local native Americans, however there was another observer and both incidents were published in newspapers of the day and age.


In 1952, America was plagued with UFO sightings from coast to coast. Many of the sightings were brushed off as cold war paranoia, for if aliens existed why didn’t they show up on the White House lawn? Well they practically did. On July 19, 1952 an air traffic controller reported seven unidentified flying objects ranging in speeds from 100 to 750 miles per hour approaching DC from the south. They spent several hours hovering over the Pentagon, Capital Hill and the White House. It was at this point that President Truman actually admitted the existence of these UFOs publicly.



Our last three presidents have denied any knowledge of aliens, however Nixon, Carter and Reagan all have alien encounter stories.

Jimmy Carter while delivering a speech in 1969 at a school in Leary, GA observed an orb in the sky that affected him to the point of submitting a report to the International UFO Bureau. There were 12 other witnesses at the event.

Ronald Reagan while flying in his Cessna to Bakersfield, CA observed a strange glowing orb in the sky that he followed for sometime before it shot up straight into the heavens. The plane was piloted by a retired Air Force Colonel who also witnessed the event and later reported it. This was Reagan’s second sighting. He was so much a believer that he even addressed the United Nations on the subject:




Nixon’s story seems to me a bit more folklore than the other two.┬áIn 1973, President Nixon was on the 18th hole to kick off a fundraising event for Jackie Gleeson who happened to be an avid UFO enthusiast. Gleeson was apparently hounding Nixon for any knowledge, any proof of alien existence and Nixon was adamantly denying any such knowledge. At around midnight that night, Nixon arrived at Gleeson’s room in his own private car without a secret service escort. He took Gleeson to the Homestead Air Force Base and showed him alien remains in a refrigerated container that looked like a Coke dispenser. Gleeson later shared the events with his wife Beverly McKittrick who recounted the story to Esquire magazine after his death, although it had already leaked years earlier much to Gleeson’s dismay.


Holloman Air Force Base was the location for the one of the only known (or shall I say speculated) arranged meetings with aliens. President Eisenhower allegedly landed on Air Force One and held a meeting with extraterrestrial beings directly on the tarmac.



Whether you believe in aliens or not, you gotta admit The Unsealed Files makes for great ghost stories. I can’t wait to see what they have in story next week.