Last Saturday night on The Unsealed Files we learned about men in black, and no I’m not talking about Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.  These men in black (MIB) appear to those who have observed a UFO or other unearthly encounter with the purpose of interrogating and silencing. The very rumor of their existence has influenced popular culture, literature and cinema.

Much the same way as described in the feature film, the elusive men are immaculately dressed in black suits, long coats, hats and glasses. They sometimes appear in unmarked black sedans and have been reported to even arrive by helicopter. Men in black refer to each other by number rather than name. Witnesses have described tall, imposing figures with hairless faces (no eyebrows or eyelashes) that arrive usually in the dead of the night when the witnesses are alone.

Are they from the U.S. government? Are they part of a worldwide organization (Interpol or the U.N. maybe)? Or are they,







Solway Firth Spaceman

As described in a previous episode regarding the Solway Firth Spaceman, Jim Templeton was visited and interviewed by two MIB shortly after discovering a spaceman standing behind his daughter in a photograph he had taken. The two men had Jim take them to the marsh where the sighting occurred. They showed him a badge with a crest and the word “Security” written on it. Throughout the interrogation they asked Jim about the weather conditions, farm animals in the area and whether there were any other witnesses. The MIB asked Jim where he saw the second spaceman. Jim insisted there was only one spaceman at which point they reportedly became hostile and told him they thought he made the entire thing up. When Jim requested to see their identification they quickly ended the interview and drove off , leaving Jim standing in the marsh.

The significance of Jim’s encounter is that the men in black appeared in the U.K. therefore ruling out the possibility of an exclusively American government operation.


509th Bomb Group

Responsible for dropping the bomb on Hiroshima, the Air Force’s 509th Bomb Group was stationed near Roswell, NM and recovered the wreckage from the infamous UFO crash in 1947. Remaining anonymous, the daughter of a member of this regiment was interviewed with her voice altered and her appearance in shadows. She was convinced her father was a MIB. So intense was her fear, she remained silent about her beliefs until her father passed away. Now she is looking for the truth.


Niagara Falls

In 2009, witnesses at a hotel in Canada, including the hotel manager, observed a black triangle shaped UFO hover over Niagara Falls before slowly drifting away. Shortly after the sighting two MIB entered the hotel and requested to see the hotel manager. They were described as intimidating and hostile, interrogating people in the lobby. Scared hotel guests called security to report the men. Below is video captured from the security camera showing the men entering the lobby.



Enhanced and zoomed in, the two men appeared to have hairless faces.

Additional footage shown on The Unsealed Files highlights the bell hop, that moved to the left side of the atrium as the men entered, walk back in to the lobby intently staring in the direction of the two men. Also shown is a young boy, that leaves the lobby, continually looking back in their direction. When the boy exits the building he stops at the door, turns around and peers in through the glass in the same direction.


Who Are The Men In Black?

It wouldn’t be The Unsealed Files if we didn’t connect this back to aliens. The presumptive conclusion and speculation is that MIB are shape shifting aliens sent to do damage control after a sighting. They purposely intimidate witnesses to silence them. Witnesses of MIB have described the men as moving robotically and having telepathic (mind-reading) abilities.

I don’t know man. Where are the police reports describing these events of people being harassed? Were they all that scared? And if they were that scared, how have we heard ANY stories about MIB? Is the fear of the unknown causing witnesses to imagine or distort their memories of the behaviors of the investigators? Who knows. But it’s scary enough for me to consider an emergency plan for late night intruders (something I probably should have thought about anyway).

Hope everyone enjoyed this week’s spooky adventure. If you know of additional MIB tales, please share in the comments below.