This is a brand new site and obviously still in the works. With that said, until we get a grip on this thing, we’re opening up the comment section to hear your thoughts.

As mentioned in our beginnings page, we got our start as a group on an off-topic section of a fan site. This is still an unofficial Star Wars fan site dedicated to our inner geekdom, but to make the place feel like home we are branching out on the discussion.

So the two main categories of this site will be you guessed it, Star Wars (on-topic) and The Cantina (off-topic), followed by the regulars such as  Music, TV/Movies (Most likely dedicated LOTR and GOT areas as well) and a spot for the gamers.

Politics can get a bit nasty so most likely you’ll need another spot to piss in. Not that nobody cares, but this site is not a soap box and that shit gets hella boring after a while.

After a while it would be nice to open the doors to some guest bloggers, in the meantime there will be a section set up to meet our regulars.

So there you have it, sound off in the comments section and let us know what you think.