Last year as news hit that the fabled episodes 7-9 would soon become a reality, the internet was filled with wild speculation, Disney vs. Star Wars memes, support, naysayers and a general excitement not felt by the SW community in years. But as production progresses and plans become more concrete, we’re able to report more solid information on how this trilogy will be made.

Most recently it has been announced that the franchise will return to its roots, filming J.J. Abrams’ Episode 7 in the UK. It would seem that the powers that be are doing everything that they can to ensure a solid production, hopefully returning some of the magic once felt in the original trilogy.

Kathleen Kennedy, Disney’s Lucasfilm president states: “We’ve devoted serious time and attention to revisiting the origins of Star Wars as inspiration for our process on the new movie, and I’m thrilled that returning to the UK for production and utilising the incredible talent there can be a part of that.”

“Speaking from my own long-standing connection to the UK with films like Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Empire Of The Sun and recently War Horse, it’s very exciting to be heading back” says Kennedy.

British finance minister, George Osborne responded via Twitter on Friday: “Great news for our creative industries. May the force be with us.”  In an interview with Sky News Mr Osborne was asked who his favorite Star Wars character was, at which point he replied “Han Solo”

There’s more to the magic of Star Wars than just filming location, but with each development it gives us Star Wars fans more to look forward to. Even the skeptics among us should be able to recognize the level of commitment this production seems to have in giving us the best possible set of movies to follow the widely debated and often criticized prequel trilogy.