I see you have constructed a new rocket, young Dave. Now your skills are complete.

Crew mate Dave Bucher put his Jedi skills to use by designing and building a fleet of rockets using Star Wars sipper toppers sold as promotional items during the release of Episode I The Phantom Menace. He fastened the toppers to 4″ dia. Crayon rocs with military style cruciform fins with G motors and has flown them at Shawnee Mission Park in Kansas.


The Captain Tarples rocket served as ‘proof of concept” model flying with three D12-5 motors. Most of the rockets are clusters except for the Darth Vader that has a single 29mm motor mount and was flown at LDRS 30 with an F motor and an altimeter.
The Captain Tarpels and the Darth Maul have both flown. The Tarpels has flown a dozen times at least. When they are finished they will all be featured in an article for the National Association of Rocketry or NAR and will represent about 300 hours of work. The Darth Vader kids lawn sprinkler has flown at Lucerne test range at the Tripoli Association of Rocketry’s, or the TRA’s annual launch…LDRS and featured in a Discovery Channel feature. His carrier is not finished either! – Dave Bucher
The entire collection is featured online at the Cantina Crew Facebook page in the album titled Creature Team Rockets. Look for exciting things to come as Dave shoots for the stars to realize his dream.