Looking for something fun for your summer reading list? Escape into a magical world of sorcerers through the thrilling adventure, Sorcerer, on sale now at  Abbott Press.


For Kydo, an evil magician, doom comes in the form of an innocent infant. The child, called Liam, is destined to rule the many lands through the true ability of conjuring, so Kydo kidnaps him at birth and raises him as his own. Even so, Liam’s innate goodness protects him from his foster father’s evil influence. It is only fear of the magician’s cruelty that forces him to submit. But he won’t be a slave to his fears forever.

About the Author

Susan M. Bowes was born in Greenport, a small fishing village on the north shore of Long Island, New York, in 1950. She has worked and lived in the area her entire life. She started writing in 2005.

Susan is a long time Star Wars fan and one of the original members of the Cantina Crew. Keep your eye on Susan for great things to come. It is with great pleasure we offer our congratulations to our Crew mate on her most recent publication.

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