So as our site grows one of our goals was to be able to get reports from our crew mates around the globe from the various annual conventions.

Many of our original members have all met up at numerous “Star Wars Celebration” conventions, but it’s great to get a look at some of the other events that take place in our community, especially for those of us who can’t always make the trip.

And speaking of which, the DCC took place this passed weekend and our friend Matt was there to report all the details…

[Matt] As we pulled up to the massive Sandcrawler, or Dallas Comic-Con last weekend we encountered another universe. A multi-fanatic convention filled with Marvel superheroes, sci-fi geeks from the epic Star Wars to the ground breaking Trekkies and of course, we cannot forget the Dr. Who extraordinaire fans.  As you know, everything is bigger in Texas and the 20,000 plus crowd confirmed that. There was excitement everywhere ranging from the notorious actors to the all aspiring artists.


We purchased a 3 day pass in advance but we still suffered with anticipation in an hour long line to get in. Once we finally entered, the crowd cheered. The first place we headed was to get the first ever offered Dallas Comic-Con exclusive Reverse Flash POP Figurine and Dallas Comic-Con t-shirt. Unfortunately, the phantom menace must’ve taken the shirts, they were all sold out. The 2nd place we headed was the vendor room, where there was a tremendous amount of memorabilia all around us, modern/vintage toys, comics, posters, replicas, t-shirts, etc. It was a collectors’ paradise.

dallas-comic-con-wookieAfter a few hours and a couple of paychecks spent later, we headed to the 4th floor escalator which had a line all the way out of the front door to the William Shatner Q & A.

Unfortunately, the ‘force’ was not with us and the Darkside was against us because when it was our turn, they cut the line off…. sadly, it wasn’t meant to be.

On the bright side, we ran into the 10 ft. tall Wookie from the 501st, which made us feel like small little Ewoks. Aside from that, we parted from the line to meet Ernie Hudson, Kevin Conroy, Adam Baldwin, John Morton aka Dak from The Empire Strikes Back, John Noble and many others.

Before heading back down to the main floor, we went to the artist room where we discovered very talented artists that were willing to do custom commissions for us. We left with several pieces including Boba Fett, Iron Man, Bioshock, Dead Space and Sucker Punch prints and sketches to add to our collection.

We made several new friends and reunited with familiar ones.

Most of them were dressed in costumes, from the classic Iron Man to the unforgettable Johnny-5, along with the usual fantastic 501st crew, Darth Vader, and many other Sith and Jedi.

Overall, the weekend was awesome! As we exited the Sandcrawler, we looked back and said, see you at Fan Days in October 2013.