Exciting news for Star Wars gamers. Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgensen teased of plans to develop the next installment of Star Wars: Battlefront. He stated the following during the Stifle 2013 Technology Conference on Tuesday in regards to the exclusive publishing rights to Star Wars EA has gained.

These aren’t movie games, per se; these are stand-alone games. But obviously they would come out near the movies and be able to tailgate off of some of the buzz that will be created around the new Star Wars movies.

The opportunity to do a new Battlefront, for example, which is one of the very popular Star Wars games, or some of the other traditional games that were made, is very exciting.


The plan is to release games for today’s current generation consoles through 2017.  More is expected to be announced by Electronic Arts regarding Star Wars and FIFA 14 at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles June 11 – 13.