A month ago, I was blessed to be in the wedding of my friends Sin and Sean.  I’ve known them for about 12 years thanks to the Star Wars message boards.  Sin and I were the Princesses that ran amok in the Cantina.  SinPrincessPS and Princess were often seen together, and I was one of the few people that could interpret Sin’s typing at 2am.  Ah, the college days.


Last year I was asked to be a bridesmaid in the wedding and I was so happy.  Sin, Sean and I had finally met in person at Celebration CVI and it was just like those old days together spending all night talking about nothing in particular (and a bit of flirting too before the boards got all crazy).


The wedding was originally supposed to be on Star Wars Day (May 4th) but it ended up getting moved to October 19th.   The Save the Date cards were Star Wars themed, complete with the scrawling text.


We had a great party the night before the wedding.  The hosts and hostesses decorated the room with a spacy theme, it kind of looked like Dagobah Swamp meets space.  There was the coolest cake ever that was decorated with a Yoda bank.  The friends of the bride and groom were all invited to give toasts and I was one of the few people at the wedding that knew both the bride and the groom before they were a couple.  I was so glad to be a part of their special day because I had watched their romance blossom from nothing into their wedding day.  It was our geeky love of Star Wars that brought them together and that was in full celebration over the weekend.The Yoda Cake


The wedding ceremony was elegant and beautiful.  I was just about ready to cry walking down the aisle because I was so happy for my friends.  It was after the wedding ceremony that the real fun began.  There were several buckets filled with lightsabers waiting in the reception hall.  The wedding party all grabbed lightsabers and made an arch for the bride and groom to walk out of the church through and then had a mock lightsaber battle for the photographer.  Once the dancing started the lightsabers came out in full force waving around on the dance floor.  There was a live band playing and at one point I went and asked the band if they knew the Imperial March and while they didn’t, the saxophone player did know the opening credits and wailed it out to the surprise of all of the guests.  I dueled with the flower girl and the wedding band said that this was the first wedding that they played with lightsabers.

The Female GeeksParty on the Dance Floor

Finally, it came time for the wedding reception to end and all of the bridal party and guests made a lightsaber arch for the happy couple to leave the building under.  It was a great weekend and the Force will be with the happy couple.