Or maybe not? As Episode VII production continues, so does speculation. Every fan has their own “perfect” casting ideas, story line suggestions and now… trailers.

You see this isn’t a real trailer, how could it be? J.J. Abrams was just on Jimmy Kimmel and said they’re working on story ideas now and it’s still in the developmental process, so it would be impossible for a trailer to already have been released.

But that doesn’t make it any less fun. One of the things about current technology and social media is, fan made material has a much bigger audience than it ever did before. And when you have a franchise as big as Star Wars, with a built in fan base as large as it has, you’re going to see some really cool stuff (and some not so cool) leading up to the big day.

Here is the first in the line up of what will be many fan made trailers over the next couple of years.

This particular trailer is actually a made from footage of a costume test by Julian Checkley  of “Order 66 Creatures and Effects”, having fun with of one of the characters (Darth Malgus) from the ‘Knights Of The Old Republic’ video game. It’s not an official costume, just a bit of fan made fun.

And of course in the case of the first video, a fan saw the footage and decided to have their own fun.


It may not be much and can’t compare to the real thing, but with 2 years to go and not a lot of information to run with yet, this kind of stuff is not only a good time killer, but a mood setter for one of the most anticipated trilogies of all time.