Generally on a quiet Saturday night I’ll curl up on the sofa and get ready to watch SNL However, lately I’ve found myself missing the opening sketch and monologue because I’ve become enraptured with The Unsealed Files airing on KTLA at 11:00 pm to 12:00 am. Whether it’s Roswell or an underwater alien base in the Pacific ocean, this show never fails to disappoint. It’s just enough to make my head spin, but just a little too far-fetched to actually give me nightmares.




Last Saturday the pyramids on Mars were featured. Apparently there are structures on Mars that resemble to pyramids in Egypt. They are located mere miles from the infamous Face of Mars (featured photo for this article) and have a worn down Sphinx next to them. One of the most chilling things about the great pyramid of Mars is that it is reportedly positioned in the exact same way on Mars as its sister pyramid on Earth. The Great Axis of God as it’s called.




The show even featured a Rover photo that seemed to have a humanoid figured walking across the terrain. I’m sure one of our fine Crew mates will link me to any number of websites that can debunk the conspiracy theories, but in the meantime I’ll just enjoy this guilty pleasure and dream of what secrets life holds.