Sometimes you just want to give people the benefit of the doubt, thinking that whatever you heard or saw about someone you respect, must be taken out of context.

You think to yourself “that doesn’t make sense, there’s gotta be some logical explanation for it”, why would THEY do that?

And then sometimes no matter how many times you look at it, you just gotta say WTF bro?!

This week in the WTF files features the one and only Mark Hamill, leaving a recording studio (no doubt a session for one of the many character voices he does) and rooting through a public ashtray for some butts, before grabbing a choice few and sitting his BMW to smoke them.


Now this might be a little TMZish to report, but it’s a slow news week and not that he has to justify himself to us, but there are no updates on Mark’s official Twitter¬†about it, so we’re just going to post the pics and let the speculation and or hilarious captions begin.






After picking out some half-smoked cigarettes with tobacco still attached, Hamill retreats to his luxury BMW.

There he can be seen happily smoking the stubs and throwing the remnants out of his window.

Looking out of shape, 61-year-old Hamill then heads to a burger joint.


Okay so the Smash Burger thing is whatever, the man’s 61 let him have a burger. He’s probably trying to get a few good ones in before Lucasfilm unleashes their personal trainer on him.