If there’s pressure on the creative minds developing Episode VII, it’s nothing to the pressure Carrie Fisher faces getting back into the metal bikini. Now of course that’s figurative. We have no idea what her costumes will look like. All we know is Carrie shared with the audience at the Calgary Comic Expo that Disney’s hired a personal trainer to get her back in shape.

Thirty years after originally shedding the more modest costumes that covered nearly every inch of her body to share an amazing figure, Carrie has aged like we all have. Is it fair to expect she won’t look 60+ by 2015?

When the prequel trilogy was released, despite the lackluster quality, dedicated lifer fans like you and me bought movie tickets, schwag, blu-rays and much more. So what if Jar Jar was annoying. Who cares if the acting was bland? We came and proclaimed “shut up and take the money!” Even though we all have high expectations for future installments of the Star Wars saga, is Carrie our only hope at restoring the magic of the franchise?


The reality is none of them, not Carrie, Mark or Harrison is going to look as young and beautiful as they once did. But it doesn’t matter. We didn’t love them simply because they were cute. We loved them because of the chemistry between these actors, something that was majorly lacking in the prequel trilogy.

We loved them because they let us escape into a fascinating alternate universe. We loved them because they made us believe in magic. If we get that chemistry back, if they make us laugh, bite our nails, gasp, cry and cheer, then the franchise and the fans win. And maybe Disney should just get a larger one piece metal swim suit for Carrie. I mean, do you really think Boba Fett would want to peek down the bikini in 2015? I’m sure she’ll have some stuff jammed in there real good even after months with a trainer. Besides, surely some of the Skywalker or Solo offspring will fit quite nicely into skimpier suits anyway.