Okay, so after my recent rant on the absence of Daenerys Targaryen in this season of Game Of Thrones, I prepared to sit down to watch episode 7, “The Bear And The Maiden Fair” and hopefully make up for lost time with The Silver Queen .

So far in season 3, there have been two episodes without Daenerys. So, not looking forward to another hour without any quality Dragon Goddess time, I decided to have a little fun on Facebook with this open letter to the show’s producers.




I watched the episode and luckily for the producers, they complied. At which point I posted…

daenerys-smile“To the producers of Game Of Thrones:

Smart move.”



Now just to be clear, this is only my sick sense of humor at work. I’m not actually going to hunt down the producers and I don’t really think that they would hear what I said, let alone change the show with an hour to go just because I wanted to be a jackass on Facebook (not to mention I’m a beer drinker more than I ever touch whiskey), but it did open up an interesting discussion from my fellow GOT fans.

As Daenerys fans had a good laugh, we were all in agreement. But, as the conversation got a little more serious, opinions weren’t so universal. One commenter said that this season was putting him too sleep, while my friend Tash wasn’t quite so reserved for words…

The dragons are a cock tease! The show has been filled with too much useless filler, unnecessary sex scenes and not enough surprise and action since mid-2nd season. I’ve been such a fan but I’m getting fed up.

My friend Mike then reminds us:

Book three has more political intrigue than action. And it’s split into two seasons to get the pieces in place.

He also mentions the cost of CGI dragons and Tash responds “it’s not just about the dragons being in the show, the story line is barely touched on. I also like some political drama but they need to mix it up. There are so many lands to touch upon, I’m getting sleepy too.”


Now, I’m not going to bore you with anymore Facebook C&P

Instead I’ll just tell you my opinion (which is only that) of the show..





Despite my complaints of the missing Dragon Goddess I’m still very much into the show. However there are a few things that are messing with the momentum.

Now I’ve heard the “porno” complaint before but I gotta gotta be honest with you, like most guys, I’m not going to change the channel over some titties. Up until now it would’ve been my last complaint.

But in the same episode we’re forced to sit through Rob telling Talisa how much he wants to turn her into his own personal King’s Landing, minutes later we’re given another sex scene leading into wait, are you ready for it? More torture for Theon!

It’s not as if at this point we’d been led to believe that it was anything BUT a set-up, making it a pretty pointless scene so late in the season.




Seriously at this point I don’t know who’s getting it worse, him or us. TBH I think I’d rather be in his place because he’s at least seeing some “action”. But it’s been 7 episodes without rhyme or reason and it’s just eating up screen time that could be better spent elsewhere.


Brienne and Jaime: I don’t know why but this is one of the more interesting stories for me. The dynamic between the two is great. One minute I can’t stand Jaime, the next minute I’m rooting for the guy. Great character development and job well done by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

Tyrion Lannister is a straight up G. The whole show could revolve around him and I would find it interesting. Along with his crew Bronn and Shae, this guy even make Sansa worthy of screen time, props.

Varys/Baelish: Great secondary to the King’s Landing plot. The battle of wits exchange between The Spider and Littlefinger always entertains.

Arya/Gendry: Arya has been a great character from the start, and Gendry is a guy who we’ve been waiting for to emerge. Now he’s with Melisandre, and she took up too much screen time for me last year, but hopefully this new storyline is different.

Tywin punking off Joffrey in the throne room… classic. My friend Mike was right when they said he would make an excellent choice for Episode VII


“The one true god is death”

– Arya Stark



And of course Daenerys. I don’t need dragons every episode either but once again, her limited screen time this round was the best of the episode (and I still maintain that the Unsullied scene is the best of the season). 3 minutes of a kick-ass character in such a tense scene shouldn’t have been so early in the episode. End with that and it makes it that much more dramatic.


At the end of the day I think the real problem here is the number 10. 10 episodes instead of 13 with that many characters and stories to tell is just not enough. Too much going on, not enough screen time, not enough balance to satisfy everyone looking out for their own favorite characters.

But what are you going to do, not watch? I’m sure there are some out there that don’t, but I’m far too invested in it at this point and still find the good outweighs the bad.

(However, one more episode without The Dragon Goddess and I’m absolutely going to make good on my promise… Bastards)

Sound off in the comments and let me know what you think about Game Of Thrones, season 3.

P.S. I’m aware of the major story turn that happens in the next 2 episodes, but please no spoilers for those who are lucky enough not to know. I hate it when I know and this one will piss the TV fans off.