Okay, so it’s been a helluva week online for Game Of Thrones fans who haven’t read the books, but have now seen (season 3, episode 9) “The Rains Of Castamere”. It’s been a few days now and I hope that those who area reading it have seen the episode, if not you NEED to stay away from this article and watch it immediately.

You need to be a part of the many who have witnessed one of the most shocking, annoying and polarizing episodes of television in recent history, and you need to be hit in the face like a ton of bricks just like the rest of us.


Without doing so you wouldn’t understand why all week, thousands of fans have taken to Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets to announce their feelings of pain, betrayal, disgust and confusion. From threats to HBO of cancelled subscriptions, to threats of jumping off various bridges around the world it was that intense.

Even though I’m not a book reader (I’ve  been waiting for the show to get far ahead enough that I won’t spoil the show) I made the mistake of visiting the GoT boards on IMDB. If you haven’t been there without reading the books I suggest you don’t, it’s filled with book readers that range from pretentious to oblivious that say things like “I’m not here to spoil anything, that’s just cruel. But if you think The Starks have had bad luck so far, wait until The Red Wedding, am I right? *wink-wink, nudge-nudge*”



Anyway, I knew better but did it anyway, and I was spoiled but it still didn’t make the scene any less difficult to take in. Even though I’m a rabid Daenerys Targaryen fan, I have always been a strong supporter of #TeamStark, and because of that, I would’ve had my throat cut as well this passed Sunday if this wer real life. Still, watching the show I felt as if I did.

And so did these people that we’re about to take a look at in this article, however I think some of them might be in a little worse shape then I am right now, check it out.


Game Of Thrones: Reactions  To “The Red Wedding”


So first up I think we have to look at actual reactions caught on video, it will make the following social media embeds that much more sympathetic, or funny depending on who you are (I choose the latter)

LOL @ Mckayla Maroney at 1:10


But the fun doesn’t stop there! There was an equal amount of shock in Twitter land, here are the 5 stages of grief, as represented in #hashtag form.


The Five Stages Of Grief For Game Of Thrones Fans


01. Denial








02. Anger



I’m sure he meant George, but that’s okay dude, I know where you’re coming from.






03. Bargaining




04. Depression







05. Acceptance







Of Course The Resident Comedians Came Out…







Then The Celebrities…





Screen Goddess Elizabeth Banks was destroyed.



One of her fans was so pissed that he took it out on her, to the point where she had to block him as a sacrifice to the gods. Your stock is rising Elizabeth Banks.



And to come full circle, no social media party would be complete without you guessed it…


Death Threats!




What better way to make a guy who’s already got a taste for blood to stop killing characters than to threaten him? Somehow I don’t George Martin will flinch. In fact judging by this video, i think he gets off on it.  




Anyway, it’s been a long time that anything on TV has had this many people talking so much about a regular episode (non-series finale) has had people talking so much. As pissed off as I was to see even MORE Starks die, it definitely made me realize that it’s one of greatest shows on TV. My obsession with it certainly doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

To close out, here’s a vine from Maisie Williams, one of the youngest cast members, but best characters on the show with her reaction to “The Red Wedding”. And if you still feel like taking in some GoT discussion, check out my Game Of Thrones Recap: The Rains Of Castamere and let me know what you thought about the episode.


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