So here goes, our first post! So if you haven’t read The Cantina Crew “about” page, basically it explains how we originated. But now it’s time to kick things off. We’ve been having a lot of fun over on our Facebook page, but not only has it grown much larger than we originally intended, it tends to stick to “Star Wars only” format over there, and ironically that’s not how we all came together as a group. So we decided it was time to branch out, and hopefully we’ll have as much success here as we did on our Facebook, and more importantly as much fun as we did at our original stomping grounds.  (don’t worry, there’s still plenty of Star Wars to go around here).

As things get going, you’ll meet our official crew members, and hopefully we’ll talk a few other originals into joining the fun. Eventually we’d like to invite some new members to contribute as well, even though we’re Star Wars geeks we’re not actually as afraid of our shadows as we like to pretend, so the more the merrier.

Welcome to The Cantina Crew!