Hey everyone, this is ToxicJezus giving you the rundown of the top 3 games I will be playing based on what I saw at E3. Little about myself, I currently reside in the Bay Area (California) and have several years of writing experience under my belt. That experience includes writing for my university’s paper as well as currently working in public relations (technology).

With that being said I still have much to learn and I would like to thank The Star Wars Cantina Crew for giving me the opportunity to contribute to their website.


Battlefield 4 (PC, Xbox 360, XboxOne, PS3 & PS4) Fall 2013 – 64 player matches being introduced to the console, let that sink in for just a couple seconds. People (I) have been complaining for years about 32 player matches not being enough on console. Commander mode which was last seen in Battlefield 2142 is also back, one of my personal favorites. If you are new to the Battlefield series than “Commander Mode” is where 1 person on each side plays as the commander and is given a top down tactical view of the battle. He or she is able to direct squads to where they are needed most as well as call in support; UAV, EMP, Tomahawk missile, AC-130 gunship and infantry scan. If you own a mobile device (tablet) and have DICE’s battlelog installed you will be able to play as the commander connected to a live game server. This will be a must play game, especially on the next generation consoles.

Possible/Confirmed changes: 5 player squads instead of 4, recon have C4 instead of support, spot bonuses are worth more, new vehicles (Cougar Fighting Vehicle), boats have jet skis so you can bail out and not be stuck floating like an idiot, bullets actually do damage to helicopters (about time they brought this back), more customization with our kits so recon can do more than snipe or have PDWs, squad perks are based on how your squad does so no need for individuals to figure it out, ability to change the layout of the game by using destruction, and countering a knife attack which I think most of us will love to do.




TitanFall (PC & XboxOne) Spring 2014 – This game looks absolutely amazing, it’s a multiplayer only game with single player feel. The single player feel is the injection of NPCs into the multiplayer match, as well as mission orders or details being handed down to the player. This game has the feel of Battlefield 2142. The user can be a “pilot” and “titan”; the pilots have a boost pack that allows the user to get to places that you wouldn’t be able to naturally, the pilots also have an array of weapons and gadgets: machine guns, grenade launchers, invisibility cloak, boost packs, remote detonated explosives, titans and much more I am sure. Titans are heavily armored mechs and from the demo they seem to be equipped with: machine guns, beam rifle, magnet utility device, boost packs and more. This 5 minute demo did a great job of showing us something new, while it may be a FPS it is something fresh and I can’t wait to “force” grab 5-10 bullets with my titan and shove them down my enemies throat.



Star Wars Battlefront TBA – We have waited over 7 years for some announcement that we would get Star Wars Battlefront 3. At E3 we got a 34 second trailer from DICE (EA) that gave us exactly that. It takes place on Hoth, we see a snowspeeder being shot down than exploding, the metal foot of an AT-AT slamming down and we can hear a probe droid in the background. This trailer wasn’t game play it was cinematic, so don’t get to excited but remember it’s something. We should be very happy to get this just 1 month after Disney and EA signed an exclusive deal for the future of Star Wars video games. I am still very excited for this game to be developed, I think we can assume a Spring 2015 release date for this game easily.




Other games to watch out for: Black Ops Ghost, Forza Motorsport 5, Watchdogs, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Mirror’s Edge 2, Elder Scrolls Online, Destiny, Wolfenstein, Plants Vs. Zombies 2: Garden Warfare and many more.

My background in video games is very similar to most of you reading this section, I started gaming when I was 6 with the Super Nintendo and ever since I fell in love with video games. I currently game on the Xbox 360 and PC but that might change if XboxOne doesn’t fix some of their unappealing aspects. I prefer FPSs, MMOs, RPGs and the occasional RTS. Some of my favorite video games include: Battlefield series, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Borderlands, Skyrim, World of Warcraft (Pre-Wrath), most Star Wars games (including Galactic Battlegrounds) and the list goes on and on. Not a big racing or sports gamer, sorry but I just don’t find them that enjoyable. Those types of games that were shown at E3, were simply amazing to the point that I might have to rent them or even buy them.

Post in comments if you have any questions for me and May the Force be with you.