Ever since the announcement that the Walt Disney Corporation purchased Lucasfilm, Star Wars has leapt back into the cultural zeitgeist, just as it continually has, ever since it raced into our collective consciousness in May of 1977.  Not since the release of Episode III in 2005 has there been such a hunger for Star Wars news and discussion.  There are myriad fans that have enjoyed the Emmy winning Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series on the Cartoon Network, and I savored each and every canonical episode, but it was the Disney/Lucas merger that reignited Star Wars for fans everywhere.

This brings us to the newest Star Wars Podcast, Coffee With Kenobi.

You may be asking yourself, “Another Star Wars Podcast?  I already listen to Full of Sith, the Force Cast, Rebel Force Radio, The Cantina Cast, The Sarlac Pit, etc.  I get all my Star Wars news and discussion from these shows, and they are awesome!”  So do we, and yes, they are awesome.  In fact, they have inspired us repeatedly, and continue to do so with each and every episode.

However, we wanted to put our own unique stamp on the Star Wars universe, and share our fandom in our own particular style.  Cory and I love talking all things superheroes, comics, film, and, most importantly, Star Wars, and frequently thought these conversations were so much fun, we should just record them.  In addition to this, as an educator, I believe in using analysis and rhetoric to further bring out the power of stories, storytelling, and mythology, and it is this methodology that helped to shape our format.

Each show, we introduce a topic for discussion that warrants further discussion, and present that topic via our webpage, Facebook, and Twitter feed.  We want your thoughts on these topics, and share these thoughts on each episode.  We like to think of our show as conversation about Star Wars you would have with your friends if you were at your local coffee establishment.  Conversation is a powerful tool to help bring your passions to fruition, and it is through this passion that Coffee With Kenobi finds its voice.  It’s important for each Star Wars fan to have a voice, as well as to share their opinions on the universe that George Lucas created, and we hope Coffee With Kenobi is that outlet for each of you as well.

We hope you will join us as we explore different topics of conversation on a bi-weekly basis, and share your thoughts and opinions on the Star Wars universe.  We are all a part of the dialogue with something to say; Coffee With Kenobi looks at the Star Wars universe with a critical lens that explores the galaxy in ways that challenge your assertions, reinforces your beliefs, and hopefully, enhances your enjoyment of all things George Lucas created.  Download and subscribe to Coffee With Kenobi on iTunes, or listen directly from our website.  We look forward to your feedback and discussion; This is the Podcast You’re Looking For!